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Everyone wants to live in the moment and truly express themselves. After all, that's when people are the happiest.

So why don’t we actually do that?

Backspace started with the belief that nothing you say or do should last forever. We cut out the parts we hate about social networks and focused on the parts everyone loves.

About Backspace

  • Experience social freedom 24 hours at a time

    Face-to-face conversations with friends don’t last forever, so why do they on a social network? That's why everything you share on Backspace disappears in 24 hours.

    It's simple math…
    Social Networking + Disappearing Posts = Freedom.

  • Keep the party going

    If we’re having fun, we want to keep that good time going for just a little longer, right? When you LIKE a post on Backspace, you add time to the lifespan of that post so you can enjoy the best experiences longer.

  • Discovery reimagined

    Why limit the interaction to just one-on-one conversations? Let's think bigger than that… Like, WAY bigger. Something amazing happens when we all share our experiences freely as a community.

    Discover the most popular trending experiences from everyone on Backspace and interact as a community. Remember, don’t miss out. Everything on Backspace will disappear.

164017 future Backspacers have reserved their spot

Experience Social Freedom

Why Do People Love Backspace?

164017 future Backspacers have reserved their spot

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