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That's why everything you share on Backspace disappears in 24 hours. But there's so much more…

About Backspace

  • Delete is our default

    We believe that everyone shouldn't worry that what they say or do will last online forever. All posts have a 24 hour lifespan on Backspace.

  • The best posts live the longest

    We believe that the best posts should be seen by more people and live on Backspace longer. When your friends “like” your posts, time is added to its lifespan; giving the best posts a longer lifespan on Backspace.

  • Become more influencial

    You also become more influential when your friends “like” your posts; giving you the ability to extend the lifespan of your friends posts by a larger amount of time than what other users would. Top users deserve to get rewarded, right?

  • Trending

    Discover the most popular topics, users, hashtags, and happenings going on right now. When trending topics disappear, they're gone for good. Truly live in the here and now!

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Backspace is INVITE ONLY

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